Kitchen and bathroom renovations

Find out if what consents you need when doing kitchen and bathroom renovations.

The rules around kitchen and bathroom renovations

You need a building consent when installing new drains, sinks, toilets and showers, or tiled wet areas.

This includes:

  • digging new drains
  • installing or replacing a tiled shower
  • installing any new shower or toilet in an existing bathroom or laundry where a shower or toilet wasn't there before.

What you don't need consent for

You can do some minor plumbing and drain laying work without a building consent, like:

  • repairs and maintenance to plumbing and drains
  • minor alterations to drains
  • altering existing plumbing (except water heaters).

Note: The work must meet the Building Code and be done or supervised by a registered plumber or drainlayer.

How to apply

The process to apply is the same as a regular building consent, but with fewer fees.

When applying for a minor works drainage consent, make sure that your documentation:

  • includes the building work that requires consent
  • the cost of the work shown on the plans remains under $5,000.

When you have all of the required documentation and are ready to lodge your application, you can do so through Objective Build.

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