Wood burners

Find out everything you need to know about installing wood burners.

Wood burners

All installations of wood burners into existing buildings require a building consent.

Approved wood burners

Since 2005, new wood burners must meet the National Environmental Wood Burner Design standard and be on the list of approved wood burners. This standard applies to all properties with an area of less than two hectares.

Application for wood burners

When you apply for a building consent via Objective Build, you’ll need to provide:

  • A completed and signed application form - completed in Objective Build
  • a copy of the property Certificate of Title or rates invoice
  • Checklist for Wood burners (PDF 79 kb)
  • manufacturer’s specifications and installation instructions
  • details of the wetback system and connections, if it is a wood burner with a wetback
  • floor plan of the building that clearly shows the proposed location of the heater unit and adjacent rooms, doors, and windows. If your home has multiple levels please provide floor plans for each level and show stairways.
  • location of smoke alarms on the plan
  • a Producer Statement if it's a second hand fireplace (a new flue must be installed).

Inspections of wood burners

Inbuilt wood burners require two inspections: before the wood burner is installed and one after installation. The final inspection must be carried out before you use the wood burner.

Free standing wood burners require one inspection ie, after installation. The final inspection must be carried out before you use the wood burner.

Issuing code compliance certificate

Once the wood burner is installed – you can apply for a code compliance certificate via Objective Build

As part of this application, the installer needs to complete either the Free Standing wood burner installed form or the Inbuilt wood burner installed form – see our building consent forms page

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