Building warrant of fitness audit

Hutt City council carries out audits from time to time to check that owners of buildings with BWoF requirements are meeting their obligations.

You can be audited:

  • as part of the Council's programme of regular reviews
  • if you have a history of submitting your BWoF late
  • if we're investigating a dangerous building.

If your building is going to be audited, you'll receive communication from us letting you know about the audit and the proposed time.

The audit includes:

  • a walk-through of the building to visually confirm the installed specified systems are on the compliance schedule
  • checking inspection and testing records and log books
  • making sure that the BWoF certificate is correctly displayed.

We also check for any current or outstanding building consents to see if they affect the building's compliance schedule.

Audits cost:

Audit time is charged in accordance with the Council fees and charges found here this includes the time on site, resolving any issues and producing the report that is sent to the building owner.