How to get a building warrant of fitness

Find out what a Building Warrant of Fitness is, if you need one, and how to get one.

About Building Warrant of Fitness

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) is official written confirmation that the specified systems in a building (listed on a Compliance Schedule) are maintained properly to a high standard and tested regularly to ensure the safety of those who enter the building.

It shows that the owner has maintained (or has employed qualified people to maintain) the specified systems to the required standard during the previous year.

Building Warrant of Fitness information sheet (PDF 115 kb).

Buildings that need a BWoF

The buildings covered by BWoFs are usually commercial or industrial buildings or office blocks. If your home has, or is serviced by, a cable car you’ll need a BWoF for the cable car.

How to get a BWoF

Every 12 months, on the anniversary of the day you received your Compliance Schedule, you have to send us:

  • a completed BWoF
  • a statement from an independent qualified person that the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for each specified system have been undertaken over the previous 12 months
  • any recommendations for amending the Compliance Schedule, and a completed application form.

Building Warrant of Fitness application (Form 12) (PDF 122 kb)

Amendment to Compliance Schedule Application (Form 11) (PDF 504KB)

What to do with your BWoF

You must keep your forms, and any other associated BWoF documentation, for two years.

These records must be kept onsite within a BWoF folder (unless agreed upon with Council for an alternative location).

A copy of the BWoF must be displayed in a public area of the building at all times.

Note: If you don’t have a BWoF when you should have one, you may face legal action.