Get a fire engineering review

Some consents need an assessment by the Fire Engineering Unit. Find out if you need to get a review before starting your building work.

About fire engineering reviews

Certain building consents need an assessment by the Fire Engineering Unit (FEU) of Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).

Formerly known as New Zealand Fire Service Commission, FENZ has been part of the building consent application process since 2004. This means  building consent authorities (i.e. Hutt City Council) must provide a copy of certain applications to FENZ for design review before giving consent.

The types of applications we must forward to the FEU for review are listed in the New Zealand Gazette.

How it works

The review process can only be started when the Building Consent Authority (BCA) contacts the FEU through email.

Once the FEU received the building consent application, the design review takes place within ten working days.

The FEU prepares a review giving advice to BCAs about:

  • recommendations for escape if the building catches fire
  • the needs of firefighters and other emergency services people entering the building in the case of a fire.

The advice given by the FEU will only be within the requirements of the building code, but FENZ might give you additional recommendations on a case-by-case basis to improve the overall safety of the building design.

What it costs

There is currently no cost to for this review.

When to ask for a review

To avoid unnecessary project delays, we'll ask the FENZ for a review as soon as we receive any consent applications that require a review to ensure the review is supplied back to us within the right processing timeframes.

For more information

The Building Act 2004