Lost or impounded dogs

Find out what to do if you've lost your dog. We have a dog shelter at Seaview that takes good care of lost and impounded animals.

Hutt City Animal Services officers have the right to seize and impound any wandering dog. Lost and impounded dogs may be held at the shelter at Seaview.

To find out where your dog is being held, call us on (04)570 6666.

Microchipping and registration helps make sure that a dog can be identified and returned to you quickly.

If you've lost your dog, call us on (04) 570 6666 or 04 499 4444 after hours.

Check with your neighbours and post photos and descriptions on local noticeboards.

You can also use the following to help find your lost pet:

As a dog owner, you're legally responsible for keeping your dog under control at all times. If you don't, you could be fined up to $3,000 under Section 53 of the Dog Control Act.

If your dog is found roaming it will be impounded at your expense. We'll let you know either by phone or written notice that we have your dog (if it's identifiable through microchipping or One Tag).

A dog is usually impounded if it is allowed to roam uncontrolled and this is reported to us, or if it has wandered on to a property and the property owner requests its removal.

Impounded dogs are held for seven days at the Animal Service Centre.

We won't release your dog until you've paid the fees in full. Note: If you don't claim your impounded dog, you'll still have to pay the fees.

View our impounding fees.

A dog can be seized from its own property if it's unregistered or if it's posing a threat to public safety (e.g. if it has attacked a person, stock or poultry).

If your dog is seized, you will be required to pay a seizure fee and potentially other fees depending on what action is taken.

View our seizure fees.

If a dog has not been collected within seven days, a decision is made about whether the dog can be re-homed. If this isn’t an option, the dog may be euthanised.

Dogs that are unclaimed after seven days become the property of the Hutt City Council.

Under Section 69 (3) of the Dog Control Act 1996, the territorial authority may, after the expiration of 7 days after the date of seizure of the dog, sell, destroy, or otherwise dispose of the dog in such manner as it thinks fit.

Other lost animals

Other animals are occasionally impounded. If you've lost a family pet, call us on (04) 570 6666.

Found or problem dogs

To report a stray or nuisance dog, call us on (04) 570 6666.

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Telephone: 04 570 6666 anytime
Email: animals@huttcity.govt.nz

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  • Saturday: by appointment only
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